The Northern Precision Advantage

SINCE 1994

We're here to meet all your precision manufacturing needs.

For years Northern Precision has remained a local family-run business with a global reach due to quality and consistency.

With services ranging from CNC machining to rapid prototyping and beyond, we offer full-service solutions for clients in critical industries dependent on mission success.

“Like steel, we perform well under pressure, taking the most precise and stringent specifications and turning them into cost-effective, supply chain-efficient masterpieces that save our client's bottom line and benefit end consumers in innumerable ways."

With a passion for the advancing technology of precision machining and design software, we're constantly updating, upgrading, and innovating to find the exacting solutions that are nothing short of excellent for our clients.

From local family-run business to quality that the world can count on—Northern Precision is your collaborator in the ever-evolving advanced manufacturing realm. 

why us?

At the Forefront of Manufacturing

When perfection is the end goal, you can count on us.
With the latest in modern design software and training plus an expansive fleet of advanced machinery, the Northern Precision team is able to meet the tightest of product specifications at the highest level of process control.
Better lead times and cost savings are only two of the byproducts that innovative precision machining affords our clients—working with the best technology the manufacturing industry has to offer provides untold gains that truly set you ahead of the curve in the 21st-century business realm. 

Ensuring fast turnaround

From specialized software and automated processes that leave no room for human error 

Fast production times

Inevitable with high-powered, automated machines that can't be slowed down by manual processes

Consistently deliver

Machining techniques consistently dependable based on exact requirements.


Ensuring reliability and open communication from project start to finish

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